The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) is the independent national regulator for privacy and freedom of information.

It co-regulates the Consumer Data Right (CDR), which aims to give consumers greater access to and control over their data and improve their ability to compare and switch between products and services.


  • Video Production
  • Scriptwriting
  • Animation
  • Talent and Supplier Management

The Being Group was commissioned to create three educational explainer videos for the OAIC’s website and, unpacking aspects of the Consumer Data Right for industry and consumers.

Though technical, these videos had to be engaging, empowering and easy to understand.


Videos one and two explain Privacy Safeguard 1 and CDR policies respectively, detailing CDR providers’ obligation to handle consumer data in an open and transparent way — including through having a CDR policy that explains how data is managed.

Video three explains the CDR complaints process for consumers, demystifying the steps involved, and empowering people to take steps to resolve privacy concerns relating to the handling of their CDR data.

Observing the OAIC’s two different language guidelines during the scripting process, videos one and two were written to incorporate technical conventions, while video three was written in plain English, using active voice and short sentences. Following script approval, The Being Group developed an animation style to be overlaid on the video in post-production.

Sourcing talent, makeup, wardrobe, and a studio location to suit the animation style, members of BEING’s visual media team captured the three videos over the course of a day. Content was filmed in a direct to camera style, to ultimately be complemented by the on-brand (but evolved) animation style.

The animation style uses a white brick wall as a canvas for the illustrations and animated infographics to support messaging. Some interaction between the talent and animation creates integrated and evocative content for the video series. The frame is locked in, so this interaction remains seamless.

Following post-production editing and incorporation of animation, videos were delivered to the OAIC to share across multiple platforms, including full length versions for the website and shorter cuts for social media.

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