In February 2019, the NSW Premier announced a $150 million program to secure and improve open space across Greater Sydney.

$50 million of this budget was given to what was then known as the 8 Parks Program — an ambitious initiative intended to set a new benchmark for high quality open spaces.

Developing parks in collaboration with local councils and communities, the program is a pioneering new move for the government. As such a people-centric project, removing the stigma associated with traditional government campaign branding was essential.

How do you make communities feel central to a bureaucratic process?


Limited by the internally developed working title, 8 Parks Program, the office of Open Space knew it needed a name to suggest capacity and potential for more parks in the future.

Meeting with department stakeholders to discuss their vision for the program, we determined community sentiment was key to creating a powerful name for the cause. Seeking a name that was clear, simple and effective, we created options focused on legacies, space, places and people — recurring themes in conversation.

The chosen name, Parks for People, highlights the purpose and focus of the campaign succinctly. These are Greater Sydney parks, developed in collaboration with people, for people.


Identifying challenges in communicating with the broader Department of Planning, Industry and Environment about the project, we hosted a strategic clarification workshop with the Open Space team to outline Parks for People’s inputs, outputs and processes.

Intended to simplify the conversation for the main project team, we expanded on history and context, communication and perception challenges, stakeholders, and the design and innovation framework. We also crafted an elevator pitch and extended description of Parks for People, based on workshop outcomes.

Marketing Concepts

Showcasing the potential for communications across this project, collateral concepts embody the spirit of the campaign through warm, inclusive copy and people-focused images.

Reimagining parklands for future generations, Parks for People is innovative in its approach to community consultation, collaboration, industry engagement, evaluation and response to the environment.

Video and Photography

Complying with branding developed by The Being Group for the Premier’s Priority initiatives, video graphics incorporate community and environment-inspired icons. Conveying the special differences between park sites and communities, scripting and video footage focus on celebrating the unique features of each place.

Tench Reserve

Tench Reserve was chosen for upgrade as part of prior Our River master planning. Situated on the water, video and photography capture the diverse spread of people that are drawn to the area from across Greater Sydney and the numerous leisure activities they enjoy, like fishing, playing, rowing and walking the dog.


Appin is a close-knit community with a passion for preserving the local habitat — most notably the koala population. Emphasising connections to place and nature, the video is more laid back across voice over delivery, the soundtrack and editing.

We absolutely adore and love the BEING team. I am really thankful we have you guys on board. Thank you so much for your creative minds and commitment to pull things together so quick. You guys are doing an amazing job!

Charlie Baker
Project Manager, Open Space

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