EM Voices is one of Australia’s top voice over agencies.

Representing exceptional voice artists, the company offers quality voice acting across a wide range of styles, ages, accents, characters and languages.

With an established reputation in large marketing and ad agencies, EM Voices sought to expand awareness to small and medium production companies, through video animation.

The main objective was to communicate the simplicity, ease and professionalism of the service, while highlighting the talent behind the business. 


Written in an expositional style, script lines are deliberately short to highlight the versatility EM Voices offers. It addresses key themes of interest to potential clients, including acting ability, range and process, while incorporating humour and opportunities for each voice artist to shine.

Video animation is heavily character-based to match the inferences in the script, including a doctor, a child, a commentator and even the Statue of Liberty. Featuring a bright, textured style, illustrations remain centred throughout the video as a consistent focal point.

Action happens around the characters, with dynamic, large-scale transitions taking the audience from one line to the next.

A complementary sizzle reel features engaging voice over and animation, paired with clips from a diverse range of high-profile clients, including Myer, Foxtel, ABC, Lexus and Cadbury. By using brand names to elevate EM Voices’ status by association, the video cements consumer trust and a reliable reputation.

Digital Marketing

To maximise the videos, we facilitated a digital strategy workshop covering marketing objectives, competitor analysis, target audiences and channels. Key goals included growing EM Voices’ reputation as a leading national agency, building a stronger presence to generate leads through lower funnel marketing, and strengthening brand awareness outside Sydney.

Videos were then edited down for promotion across LinkedIn, Google Ads and a custom landing page. Marketing messages centred on ease, affordability and accessibility, directing viewers to learn more, listen to the artists and book a recording session.

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