Gibb Group is a dynamic Australian property development and asset management company.

Gibb Group has grown as we have grown. From strategic and development projects in the early days of the company’s establishment, to full-service marketing support in recent years, we have been a trusted advisor and provider of sophisticated services to this dynamic company.

Having worked with The Being Group CEO Siebert Neethling since their establishment, Gibb Group turned to BEING for full-service strategic and marketing support.

Strategy and Learning

Since 2010, Siebert has worked with Gibb Group on strategic planning and reviews, as well as facilitating skills development workshops for the leadership group.

Supporting the company with strategy renewal also included the assessment and development of new business line options.

For several years, Siebert has facilitated blended strategy, business improvement and skills development/learning retreats for Gibb Group in six Australian cities and in Bali. Training themes have included advance communication skills, negotiation, and performance and time management.

Having had the benefit of his consultancy and expertise in my previous senior managerial corporate role at a listed ASX group, Siebert was one of the first people I turned to when I established my own company.

His advice, which I have continually sought out over the last 10 years, is always considered, insightful and practical.

Siebert has an unmatched ability to not only understand the overall strategic goals of a company but to understand the individuals within, and then help management chart a course for the business while also unlocking each individual’s own potential.

Siebert has, both through his direct interactions and through the leadership advice he has imparted on myself and my senior team, ensured that our entire team feels connected to the goals and direction of our business and motivated and empowered to achieve.

Matthew Gibb
Managing Director, Gibb Group

Marketing Strategy

We led an in-depth workshop with the founder and key top-level representatives to clearly define the business’s dynamically-evolved capabilities and get an understanding of its company culture.

Framing our discussion on the three main service arms of the company, we determined the key offerings that belonged to each arm and how these would be best communicated to clients and potential new business. The company’s differentiation is one that offers personal, one-on-one service but with the capacity of a large corporation needed to be clearly conveyed.

Communicating the true depth and diversity of Gibb Group’s capabilities, as well as the deep institutional experience of their staff, was a high priority.

Drawing inspiration from Gibb Group’s original logo and brand colour, we developed a plan for design collateral that would unify and reinforce their identity, making them an instantly recognisable and stand-out brand. Language across all collateral was to be equally fortified, showcasing the positive company culture and their capacity to deliver first-class, purpose-built property solutions in the commercial and industrial realms.

We developed a comprehensive marketing plan aimed at positioning Gibb Group as a world-leader in the commercial and industrial property and asset management industry. Our collaborative approach with the company yielded a brand refresh that reflects the true nature of this dynamic company.


With many developments to announce, Gibb Group required comprehensive press support. In collaboration with respective project managers and third party brands – such as Bunnings Warehouse – we wrote, designed and distributed a series of press releases to announce significant development proposals and business openings in various regions.

Collaborative releases for Gibb Group have been published in The Australian Financial Review, Business News WA, and The Morning Bulletin.

To celebrate Gibb Group’s incredible ten years in business, we developed a series of communication materials to announce the milestone. Stationery and marketing collateral are dynamic and consistent, outlining key messages for the month. Engaging interesting angles and shapes, outputs are sleek and sophisticated, while also visually interesting.

Template design draws inspiration from Gibb Group’s original logo and colours, unifying and reinforcing the company’s identity across all touchpoints. Templates are editable and user friendly, enabling Gibb Group staff to easily create presentations for various purposes.

A new, comprehensive style guide presents all elements of the fresh, united brand identity and ensures cohesiveness of communications into the future.

Video and Photography

Travelling to development sites around Australia, video and photography showcase the company’s diverse national offering and positive culture. Focusing on the business’s dedication to repeat partnerships, the footage provides Gibb Group with a library of content to use for marketing, tenders and other collateral.

Everything always looks great. Thanks so much guys!

Rebecca O'Brien
Business Operations Manager, Gibb Group

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