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Digital Supply Chain

Together with the Western Parkland City Authority (WPCA) and Sydney-based data engineering firm BizCubed, Hitachi is working through its co-creation model to streamline the movement of Australian produce from the farm gate to international ports through a digital ecosystem. Hitachi required a written and video case study to capture the potential of the digital supply chain project and the company’s Social Innovation goals.

The Being Group was tasked with translating the technical project and the input of a wide range of stakeholders into a captivating and inspiring video case study.

The challenge of presenting a digital project — especially one in its initial stages — in a visually appealing way, encouraged a human-focused approach.

Interviews with personnel from Hitachi, BizCubed, the WPCA and local farmers tell the story of a diverse group of partners working to streamline international trade to the benefit of Australian communities.

Interview, drone and on-location footage bring the personal and local aspects of the story to life and ground the case study in the Australian landscape, while appropriate stock footage provides much needed colour, grandeur and international perspective.

Video and photography are presented alongside an in-depth written report, outlining the background, challenge, solution and vision of the project, adhering to Hitachi’s case study pillars.


Hitachi Rail and Rio Tinto’s co-development of the world’s first fully autonomous freight rail system — AutoHaul™ — required the true spirit of collaboration and innovation. To highlight this successful partnership, our video case study was to reflect this unique spirit.

But can technical footage be both engaging and inspiring?

To broadcast specialised technical information in a digestible and entertaining way, interviews with real Hitachi Rail and Rio Tinto staff are key. Showcasing incredible work through sweeping drone footage and personal close-ups, the passion and excitement of staff is conveyed. Snippets of text transition across inspiring moving shots, giving audiences a perfect harmony of facts and footage.

Thanks so much! We’re really happy with the outcome and quality of the case study. It was such a big project and it has all been worth it!

Jamie-Leigh Hecht
Corporate Affairs Officer, Hitachi Rail

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