Hypersonix is a green aerospace engineering, design and build company.

Specialising in hypersonic vehicles and scramjet engines, its mission is to disrupt the global aerospace and satellite launch markets with affordable, sustainable technology.

When the Hypersonix Launch Systems technology reached technology readiness level 5 (TRL-5), the company entered a crucial phase for securing investment. To communicate the immense potential of this system to investors, we collaborated to develop an engaging educational video.

Our priorities were sustainability, reusability and feasibility.

After outlining key points of difference during a collaborative meeting with Hypersonix team members, we identified core themes to detail in the script, including the possibilities for new space, global demand for environmentally friendly technologies, the ability to fly to space, and demonstrated experience with scramjets.

As the video required inclusion of 2D and 3D animation to illustrate the operation of the launch system, we delivered the script alongside an accompanying storyboard — enabling Hypersonix to visualise and comment on the video’s overall look and feel, ahead of extensive production and editing.

While animation and display statistics are sleek and understated, they are also striking and impactful in execution. The refined visual style elevates the Hypersonix brand colours, bringing a sophisticated, futuristic element to content.

Combining archival launch footage, 3D rocket animation and 2D flight path animation, editing incorporates a subtle glitch treatment to symbolise the intersection of old and new space.

What a wonderful experience we had with The Being Group. They put together an absolutely amazing video for us and patiently listened to all our special requests, and advised us on things to do. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome. We threw scramjet technology, TRLs and all kind of space terms at them, and they soaked it all in, understood what was important to highlight and executed the project to the highest standards. We give The Being Group five stars — and hope to give them many more for future projects. You guys rock! Thanks a million.

Nina Patz
Head of Marketing and Business Development, Hypersonix

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