Aussie triathlete Kieran Roche is driven, down to earth, and determined to win.

Intent on taking the Iron Man title one day, a little branded video content had to go a long way.

As an extraordinary athlete in a sea of elite competitors, Kieran’s visibility is integral – particularly when it comes to sponsors.

To help him get noticed, we cut together spectacular, saleable branded video content.

Hosting a workshop with Kieran to gain a better understanding of his needs, we then set out to capture authentic footage of his training sessions across some of Sydney’s most beautiful locations. Morning and afternoon light shone as heroes in this project, casting a warm, approachable glow over Kieran’s bright personality.

To give the video a true feeling of action, vehicles and GoPros were used to bring the viewer into Kieran’s journey – offering them a taste of his life on the bike and in the water. Wholly distinct from rival sponsorship appeals, Kieran’s branded video introduces potential backers to his individual style, personal goals and genuine nature.

Using the video as a promotional tool during his 2018 European race tour, Kieran increased his social following while attracting and engaging multiple sponsors, including Blue Dinosaur Bars.

Thanks for all your help – it means the world to me. Building my brand, getting some good content, and making me look sexy in front of the camera, which is not easy to do. Thanks guys!

Kieran Roche

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