RSPCA is a beloved Australian organisation, advocating and caring for all creatures great and small.

As in each state and territory, RSPCA NSW performs valuable work looking after animals in shelters, keeping animal ambulances on the road, and providing community outreach education on animal care and welfare.

Marketing plays an essential role in the RSPCA’s mission, which is to prevent animal cruelty by actively promoting their care and protection.

We created marketing materials to help improve the RSPCA’s engagement with the community and support further fundraising efforts — ensuring all promotional collateral adheres to national brand guidelines and prioritises respect of the animals on show.


The RSPCA Million Paws Walk raises thousands of dollars to fight animal cruelty each year. Proceeds from the national community dog walk go to the crucial, ongoing work of the RSPCA. To promote this great cause, a cinema ad needed to make use of limited existing footage.

The Million Paws Walk logo is set in motion throughout the cinema ad, which makes use of a dog lead motif to connect footage and on-screen text flowing from one frame to the next. The frisky nature of the motion graphics creates a sense of movement, representing the liveliness of dogs on show and inciting viewers to get on their feet and walk for a good cause.

Chosen footage focuses on the heroes of the event, taking audiences close to the animals with a glimpse into their perspective. Material is respectful to the animals and features dogs looking to camera wherever possible, ensuring a stronger emotional connection to the content.

A simple yet effective script is brought to life with a warm, friendly voice over that captures the spirit and positivity of the event. Design, video and audio elements work together to make a whimsical and informative cinema ad.


Following production of the cinema ad for the RSPCA Million Paws Walk, we were commissioned to capture all the action of the event, which was held at Sydney Olympic Park.

Images taken throughout the day highlight a range of different dog breeds, all the best aspects of the Million Paws Walk, and the happy faces of thousands of dog lovers taking part.

In a suite of edited images and a RAW image library, event photography covers different configurations of pets, attendees, staff, volunteers and branded collateral, as requested in a provided wish list. Images also adhere to certain restrictions considering animal welfare, ensuring content is useable for future RSPCA marketing.

A selection of hero images was edited overnight, allowing event staff to deliver a prompt EDM to thank attendees.


As part of another significant fundraising effort, RSPCA NSW required banner design for a series of EDMs, aiming to increase engagement from those supporting the organisation through the City2Surf.

Bright, colourful and energetic photos of animals are key to connecting with email recipients. Chosen imagery is clean and minimal in composition, with uncluttered backdrops allowing for assets such as logos and text to stand their own across applications.

Simple design combines whimsical illustrations with RSPCA branding, playful typography and City2Surf graphic elements to produce warm and inviting visuals.

Passion, professionalism and pizzazz! Those are the three words that come to mind when describing The Being Group. Their work on a number of key fundraising projects for RSPCA NSW has allowed us to support more animals, while inspiring our supporters. Thank you for helping us make a paw-sitive impact! We look forward to continuing our work together in the future.

Inbar Millo
Senior Fundraising Manager, RSPCA NSW

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