Tiki Animal Rescue provides a voice for the unheard and the unwanted.

Supporting the work of a lifechanging charity, we helped this rescue increase adoptions by sharing an inspirational video.

Challenging the tenuous stigma around dog rescue, Tiki was eager to unpack misconceptions around adopting ‘broken’ animals.

Rescue dogs have plenty of life and love left in them.

Though mood boards and shots were planned for filming during the pre-production stage, it’s difficult to account for exact footage required when working with lots and lots (and lots) of dogs. Building time and flexibility into the shooting schedule, we prepared to be patient in waiting for organic moments to occur onscreen.

Depicting Tiki’s founders going through the day with their dogs, relatable locations of paddocks and lounge rooms were featured – encouraging viewers to imagine themselves in each setting. Highlighting the invaluable efforts of the charity, the video appeals to the good nature of potential adopters, volunteers and donors alike.

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