propper offers property management services backed by innovative smart technology.

Its full service solutions are designed to improve investment returns and save clients valuable time and money.


To communicate the company’s desire to do things differently, we were engaged to produce a concise and engaging TVC.

How do you sum up something ‘propper-ly’ in just 60 seconds?

Scripting is direct and engaging, using a question and answer format to highlight the difference between propper and other agencies. A play on the company’s name is woven throughout the script, driving brand recognition and interest.

Filming incorporates a studio setting for direct-to-camera talent shots, cut with location scenes and close-ups of propper’s 3D cameras in action.

Animated text is used as an overlay to communicate key points and unique selling propositions. Reminiscent of speech bubbles, testimonials appear in a reel of branded content blocks to build and encourage viewer trust.

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