Ward Partners is one of Sydney’s most respected prestige property specialists.

Seeking to showcase the award-winning Alexandra House, real estate video marketing was to communicate a seamless blend of history and modernity.

Real estate media aims to present the aesthetic beauty and functionality of a property for sale. But when a property is more than just the sum of its bedrooms and bathrooms – when its history dates back to 1881 – finding the right way to capture its grandeur takes something special.

Can video truly express the historical character of a home?

Taking the audience on a winding journey through the house reveals more than just the tangible assets. Three camera angles capture ambiance and charm, capitalising on the waning, moody afternoon light. The home is styled minimally but not clinically. Shots of a child’s bedroom, complete with toys and lots of colour, are a reminder of the generations of families that have been housed within its walls.

Footage of the backyard at dusk, with a fire crackling beneath the festoon lights, instils a sense of lifestyle. Drone videography of the surrounding suburb and nearby harbour envelop shots of the home’s interior and exterior, showcasing the stunning location of this unique property.

We gave the Ward Partners website and collateral a refresh, with professional head shots taken in one of Hunters Hill’s most beautiful and historic homes. Placing the selling agents within a space that would sit inside their portfolio reinforces their authenticity.

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