Energy NSW provides a central hub for energy-related information.

To consolidate the organisation’s huge amount of data, we delivered major content restructuring and website design with WCAG 2.0 compliance.

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As a website with a vast and varied audience, Energy NSW required a site that would act as a single source of truth for energy policy, and as a gateway to contact the NSW government.

But designing a one-stop energy shop takes some strategic digital planning.

Initiating the process over content planning workshops, we engaged with two key Energy NSW departments to guarantee synergy between the two content sources.

Aiming to deliver an exceptional customer experience, we then strategised the development of a website with scope for future scaling. This process included the planning, development and production of an information architecture based on a required jobs-to-be-done framework, wireframes, and responsive designs for mobile and desktop.

Primary brand colours are derived from the Energy Saver branding, with an addition of yellow and green to establish a friendly, appealing identity and incorporate WCAG 2.0 compliance. As one of the most web-friendly typefaces on the market, Montserrat is the type of choice for Energy NSW. Clear and easy to read, accessible sizing plays an important part in helping all users digest information.

To make the website as user-friendly as possible, a secondary menu aids visitors in the navigation of extensive content. A mini side menu guides people through the content they’re looking for, while helping to redirect if they get lost.

Consolidating multiple sources of information, advice and tools across the NSW government, the new website offers a destination for campaigns, activities, programs and policies, where everyone can find the information they need. Highly designed and responsive, the site offers excellent flexibility for multiple content types and future updates.

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