Cenitex brings together the best technology and people to keep the Victorian government operating, connected and working for the community.

Its vision is to support a modern, agile and productive public sector, and is driven by the government’s commitment to a digital Victoria.

In 2019, Frances Cawthra was appointed the new CEO of Cenitex. In her appointment, she listed a number of aims; clarify strategy elements, clearly define the operating and business models, and develop a strategy that looked through to objectives for the next three years.

Our work on the three-year organisational strategy was representative of a new beginning for Cenitex.


A comprehensive planning approach was undertaken to deliver the strategy. It followed a strategic model developed by The Being Group that first outlined the organisation’s anticipations, aspirations, capabilities and performance, then developed propositions, commissioning and implementation of the strategy.

An extensive research component included desk studies, interviews and focus groups.

A strategy workshop was undertaken for the development of ideas and identification of opportunities to be employed in the strategy.

Finally, a draft document and presentation were developed in collaboration with The Being Group’s design and copywriting teams.


Following development and finalisation of the strategy, Cenitex asked The Being Group to create a corporate plan document that would complement it. This document covers — in-depth — the actions, strategies, outcomes and risks to consider in the strategic plan, over each quarterly phase. Further financial planning information and performance indicators are included as useful tools in the commissioning and tracking of the strategy.

The final strategy document is now highly referenced material within Cenitex. It is a key shaping tool for all stakeholders. With a clear purpose, goals and strategic initiatives, Cenitex has been well guided and able to accomplish its goals over the period 2020-2023.

Thank you for your hard work and prompt turnarounds. I love the final product.

Duncan Cambray
General Manager, Strategy and Governance, Cenitex

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