DCI Data Centers is a data centre owner and operator that is challenging the way facilities are built and operated.

The company brings together innovative technologies and construction methods to deliver Defence-grade security, flexibility, sustainability and assurance.


Eager for existing and prospective clients to gain a more meaningful experience when engaging with the brand, DCI Data Centers sought a design refresh.

The Being Group were to reimagine tech branding into something distinctive, sophisticated and modern.

A graphic language was developed to complement the clean lines of the existing DCI Data Centers logo, starting with a bold and dynamic brand device. Coloured bars represent the flow of information and connection between the data centers, the clients and the processing power. Using a building block system, bars and blocks interplay to create intriguing and impactful layouts.

This visual device comes together with all other elements of the tech branding in an easy-to-follow brand style guide to ensure consistent use into the future.

The colour palette is clean, bright and designed for the digital age. Monotone shades represent the technical, more “serious” aspect of the brand. Distinct highlight colours of blue and green represent a forward-thinking, future-proof attitude, intertwined with sustainable ambition.

Reflecting a minimalist brand look, one distinctly simple yet friendly typeface is used throughout the brand: Poppins.

Image treatments allow any image to instantly become part of the distinct DCI brand, making a consistent and united look as easy as possible. Photos can be set to greyscale and used in layout with a bright block colour, or be layered with a transparent brand colour.

Simple and understated iconography effectively communicates the DCI message through clear linework designs, which pair well with other brand elements to visually represent the company’s four pillars.

A bright, airy and sophisticated layout with ample white space and clear typography is the goal in all applications, with the versatile coloured bar brand device used to layer on images or house the logo or text. Combining all of these elements with the image treatment creates a unified, consistent and recognisable tech brand across any collateral.

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