Jangler is revolutionising the act of giving, making gifting an easy, everyday event.

Built on a system of surprising friends with small favours – like drinks and movie tickets – this app identity and personality emphasise connection, celebration and fun.

Though aimed at a millennial market, Jangler is an app based on monetary transactions. Because of this significant financial component, the brand’s more gratifying elements were to be carefully balanced with security and professionalism.

But can an identity be playful and trustworthy?

Naming explores a variety of concepts linked to gift giving, from paying it forward, to joyful sentiment, to small change. The winner, Jangler, is onomatopoeic, echoing the jingle jangle of loose coins. This name is also useful in its multiple applications as a verb; to Jangle is to send a spontaneous surprise.

Aligning with the spirit of a jester, app identity design is vibrant and bold. Crafted to resonate with the target market, the logo’s quirky letter layout resembles a pile of jumbled change. Communicating movement through a long shadow and featuring a considered three-colour palette, brand design is ideal for small space applications.

Icons offer a playful representation of the Jangler brand, incorporating the impulsivity of treating a mate to something nice. Though the primary palette is unique to the market, it incorporates deliberate colour psychology with fresh, calming teal, exciting, urgent red and neutral, trustworthy white.

Brand voice is sociable, engaging and open, ensuring the brand gets along with everyone. Casual colloquialisms make the personality approachable and entertaining, emphasising the joy of personal transactions between friends. Tone is warm, instructional and easy to follow, supported by a simple, generous slogan.

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