Nearmap provides regularly updated aerial maps of up to 90% of Australia, as well as parts of New Zealand and the United States.

A fleet of aircraft captures imagery, used by both government and the private sector, to view sites remotely. Combined with powerful AI, Nearmap’s high resolution imagery allows customers to accurately measure heights and distances of infrastructure development, and other projects.

To promote its ability to show foliage coverage in any given LGA, Nearmap approached The Being Group to develop a campaign that would tell its story and sell its services to local government. It also needed design and copy assistance for a concurrent campaign in a leading industry publication, with dedicated bespoke ads to broadly promote its services. 

Our task was to create competition between LGAs — and therefore interest in Nearmap’s services — through a comparison of councils’ respective green coverage. 


A suite of messaging covers Nearmap’s key pillars of green coverage, measuring city builds, providing disaster information, and offering unique perspective and remote access. Our selection of headlines and body copy speak to each pillar, creating interest with a unique and unexpected approach to communications.

Campaign design provides a fresh look and feel, while keeping within Nearmap’s visual brand parameters. Utilising its unique viewfinder device in a fresh way, branding brings focus to Nearmap’s imagery and creates visually arresting ads that clearly communicate key messages to the target audience. 

Collateral for industry functions, held by the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute, includes pull-up banners and a printed one-page infographic with the question: How Green Is Your City? This collateral encourages delegates to scan the QR code in the creative to discover the percentage of green coverage in their area and compare it to other LGAs.


Blog copywriting for Nearmap is highly technical in nature, addressing a specific audience interested in the benefits of geo-spatial imagery and specialised, science-based information. Technical blog writing requires extensive research and interviews with Nearmap experts to successfully understand the details of its services, unpack industry jargon, and communicate clearly to deeply knowledgeable and tech-savvy readers.

Blog topics include the benefits of monitoring large infrastructure projects with aerial imagery, and mapping new infrastructure with 3D data.

The magazine campaign, industry function collateral and blogs combined to raise awareness of Nearmap’s services in the target audience and ignited conversations with new clients, particularly in local government. 

“The campaign was so well received by the entire marketing team, and everyone loved the creativity and direction. Just wanted to say thank you again for all your wonderful work.”

Saaya Haga
Industry Marketing Manager, Nearmap

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