Oticon pushes the limits of technology to change the lives of people with hearing loss.

Preparing to launch a new product, the company wanted to also push the limits of marketing within the hearing health industry.

Oticon turned to BEING for support with an integrated marketing campaign that would convey the excitement of the company’s life-changing technology to Australian consumers.

How do you sell sound through a visual medium?


When approaching its first new product launch since a global rebrand, Oticon was looking to solidify its brand identity as a technology leader in the Australian market. Through a strategic marketing workshop — following the framework of the BEING Connection Strategy Model — we were able to determine campaign objectives, core target audiences and key messaging.

Campaign marketing needed to appeal to a number of different audiences — consumers or hearing aid wearers, those who would benefit from hearing aids but have yet to take that step, and independent hearing care providers which are Oticon’s direct customers.

Identifying a diverse range of values and audience personalities among both clinicians and the Australian public informed our approach to campaign communications.


Developing an integrated marketing campaign for a new hearing aid, copy seeks to communicate the richness of the sound scene available to users of Oticon More and asks the question “What more could you hear?”

The sound of waves breaking at the beach.

The call of birds in the morning.

The laughter of children playing in the backyard.

Communications are presented across two directions, offering clinicians the choice of the concept that best suits their customers. Each direction includes a suite of customisable collateral, including gatefold flyers, social media content, digital billboards and website banners. 

Colourful, bold and visually stimulating, direction one is intentionally loud. Rich, sound-based Australiana imagery engages a local audience, representing the special and everyday events that make up an Aussie’s life.

With a nod to collecting memories in a scrapbook, collage-style design provides infinite versatility across artwork. Comparatively, single images offer a pared back approach for when more pointed messaging is required.

Oticon’s signifying colour, magenta, highlights important elements across collateral, grounded by the darkest shade of grey.

With a premium look and feel, direction two features evocative human-centric imagery. It focuses on the potential for an increased quality of life and improved connections — with family and friends, at home and on the move.

The sunny tones of the hero imagery complement Oticon’s brass colour — a combination that feels right at home in the Australian landscape. Subtle linework patterning is reminiscent of soundwaves, adding depth and texture to artwork and cohesion across the suite of collateral. Product imagery is elegantly incorporated to promote brand recognition and highlight features.

It’s always a pleasure dealing with the team at BEING. With this campaign, they really strove to push the boundaries, asking all the right questions to tease out the brief. The result was two very different campaign concepts — both so striking that we couldn’t pick just one. I’m grateful to BEING for driving this project forward, making sure we all stayed on track to meet the agreed timelines. Their enthusiasm, creativity, tenacity and patience are all greatly appreciated!

Leona Gibbons
Senior Marketing Manager, Oticon

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