Compass Architecture guides home owners through the process of holistic place making, crafting living spaces that enhance the natural qualities of each site while fulfilling client needs.

Delivering a high standard of quality across all architectural solutions, brand development was to be both professional and personal.


Working with a broad range of residential clients – including those with large budgets, those seeking to improve sustainable building practices, and those wanting a comfortable, family home – the architecture firm sought a friendly, holistic name and identity.

But can an industry based on science and planning ever be seen as warm?

Communicating the sense of connection between form and place, naming concepts explore the act of tailoring living spaces to personal needs, the architect’s name, and the intersection between built habitat and natural environment. The chosen concept – Compass Architecture – clearly expresses the studio’s methodology in helping clients navigate the fine art of design and construction.

Unpacking architecture in a conceptual format, logo shapes are derived from the polyhedrons of the Platonic solids, long associated with the four classical elements of earth, air, water and fire. A rich, earthy palette is reliant on the primary use of white and negative space, hinting at the potential of a blank landscape.

Logo patterns create a cohesive secondary language, engaging oversized elements and a golden ratio grid to highlight key project information. Preliminary sketches are utilised as a design feature across specific brand collateral, demonstrating tangible benefits and experience to prospective clients.

Overall brand development is contemporary and minimalistic, integrating the major theme of navigation in a warm and abstract way.

To increase service exposure, the website build extends new identity design across the digital space. Adapting key themes from the client’s earlier business, copywriting and design communicate sustainability initiatives in an educational way – encouraging potential clients to consider easy, affordable and life-enhancing solutions.

Key messaging balances sustainable building practices with Compass’s passion for creating spaces that enhance the quality of life. Promoting the studio’s experience, qualifications and past projects, copywriting stresses the process of bringing out the best in each project by transforming ideas into buildings.

Mimicking the landscape upon which architecture is built, the WordPress website build comes to life through unique, horizontal scrolling. The divided, vertical logo is reminiscent of sunrise to sunset, echoing Compass’s holistic integration of the natural environment.

Layered content is aligned to the golden ratio grid, using negative space to frame projects as the central focus. The classical element-inspired colour palette (earth, water, air, fire) supports a minimalistic look and feel, with polyhedron patterns adapted from the logo adding dynamism to the site.

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It has been great to work with the team. Very professional and creative, with good communication and consideration of my work.

Nathalie Curtet
Founder, Compass Architecture

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