Stafford Engineering Australia is a customer-focused consulting firm in the manufacturing, processing and packaging industry.

It tailors bespoke solutions for clients in the food, beverage dairy, chemicals and pharmaceuticals sectors, delivering engineering solutions across the entire project lifecycle.

Stafford Engineering originated in New Zealand in 1986. While its NZ operation is large, with 70 employees and manufacturing capabilities, Stafford Engineering Australia has a smaller team — providing engineering consulting services, project design and management and onsite capabilities.

To support increased marketing activity in differentiating Australia from New Zealand, and consolidate the business as an engineering consultancy rather than a manufacturer, Stafford required a completely redesigned website.

The previous iteration of the Australian site was considered dated and reflected the New Zealand operation’s look and feel. Stafford Engineering required its website to have the capability to showcase recent marketing campaigns and projects in an impactful, engaging way. It also needed to clearly demonstrate its expertise.

To kick-off the project, our web developers held a strategic workshop with key Stafford Engineering stakeholders to discover and deeply understand requirements and aspirations.

Following this workshop, we developed a new website design and site map that is modern and sophisticated — reflecting the company’s aspirations in the Australian market and showcasing its work in an impactful way.

Content focuses on Stafford’s consultancy-based service offerings, presenting case studies with customer testimonials as evidence, and highlighting its values as benefits to customers. While language is written to connect with the identified markets of business owners and technical decision-makers, it uses less technical jargon where possible, to appeal to a broader audience.

Website design reflects the colour palette and unique curves of Stafford Engineering’s logo, keeping the project on-brand and elevating the Stafford Engineering identity to reflect its technical capabilities. A highly effective, interactive carousel makes the company’s expertise pillars jump from the page at the hover of a cursor — bringing Stafford’s specialities to the forefront of the user experience.

Website design, copywriting and development help further Stafford Engineering Australia’s ultimate goal of achieving long-term repeat business by establishing deep relationships with manufacturers.

Working with the team at The Being Group to develop our NZTE Springboard Fund new website was a great experience. We appreciated the structured process of building a new website using the current standard levels, while embracing our company’s history and values. I would not hesitate to recommend The Being Group for this type of work.

Leo Aspite
Managing Director, Stafford Engineering Australia

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