Dogs on Ground inspires dog lovers far and wide to do good.

With the aim to overhaul a common culture of dog ownership, the organisation provides a fun, educational platform for people to connect over a shared love of dogs.


  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Collateral
  • Website Design and Build
  • App Design
  • Photography
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Signage

Though Dogs on Ground is a business with an ethical, educational focus, it’s also a business that revolves around dogs – one of the best animals on the planet! In conveying a seriously sincere brand, it was clear we couldn’t lose sight of fun.

But can you create an identity that’s both benevolent and lively?

As people of all ages, cultures and creeds love dogs, the Dogs on Ground personality speaks to everyone. Adopting a polite, educational tone, the brand frames statements to make an impact – encouraging app users to consider their role in a culture of animal ownership. Though content is often instructional, it is never condescending. Rather, Dogs on Ground strives to be friendly, approachable and empathetic in its interactions, serving as a conduit to facilitate common connections.

A neatly balanced wordmark functions as the brand’s main logo, employing a rounded typeface to balance strong caps. Encouraged to avoid cliched iconography like paw prints, icon design adapts the title D into a framing device, providing future versatility for marketing applications. Drawing inspiration from natural and urban environments, brand design incorporates a grass, mud and brick palette to evoke warm feelings of playing in the park.

The website and app continue brand design through warm, earthy tones, block colour divisions and emotive imagery. A 50/50 divide of colour blocking and photography adds substance to the visual identity without introducing unnecessary clutter.

Portrait and action photography depict subjects at their very best, highlighting each dog for his or her own unique personality. Shooting in natural environments to further integrate the brand palette, warm lighting adds an emotive depth to the suite.

Marketing collateral embraces fun, using imagery as a focal point to encourage compassion. Dogs are never used as sales tools or gimmicks; they’re beings with their own character traits and behaviours. As the heroes of the app, they’re also the heroes of brand design –positioned with respect, dignity and admiration.

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