Equiptec develops and manufactures adjustable height platforms (AHP) and scaffolding products to help maintenance teams work more comfortably, safely and efficiently.

Its manoeuvrable, stable and adjustable platforms allow revolutionary safe work at heights — a preferable alternative to ladders, which are comparatively inefficient and dangerous.

By early 2021, Equiptec had grown to the point where it wished to push into the US market and required an updated website, with a version tailored specifically for America. It also wanted to split its business into two parts, keeping the scaffolding element of the business localised to New Zealand and introducing its AHP solutions to larger markets overseas. Ladders were banned in workplaces in the US in late 2021, providing a perfect opportunity for Equiptec to take advantage of the gap in the market with its platform system.

It was our job to help Equiptec communicate its twin core benefits of improved safety and efficiency, both locally and in the United States.


After an in-depth workshop in collaboration with Equiptec, we undertook website content strategy and planning, developed a new content site map and wireframes, and completed SEO keyword research, copywriting, and bespoke website design and development.

The new look and feel reflects the established Equiptec brand and keeps within its established parameters, to ensure peak brand equity. The predominantly black background allows copy, video, product shots and bespoke iconography to pop strongly from the screen, while dramatically highlighting Equiptec’s bright orange brand colour.

To ensure every element of the new website copy resonated with the American marketplace, we worked closely with an Equiptec representative in the States. Content, including date protocols, measurements and other elements of localised language, is meticulously tailored for two versions of the website — one for the United States and one for the Australian and New Zealand market.

The redeveloped Equiptec websites present a modern, impactful experience to improve visitor engagement, increase customer leads and ensure a seamless content management system. This streamlines the content flow and structure to better highlight the attributes and benefits of the trademark Monkey and Giraffe AHP products.


New video content for the website was shot on location in New Zealand. The Being Group directed a local video team with a carefully constructed brief, storyboard and meticulous list of key requirements.

Our visual media team also checked the footage in real time as it was shot, to ensure the remote shoot met the same standards we deliver in Australia. The raw content was then edited and graded in our Sydney studio. The resulting ‘About Equiptec’ video introduces the company through quotes from key team members, footage of the products in action, and simple, informative graphics.

A second video was produced to highlight Equiptec’s signature AHP range, utilising existing footage, 3D renders and motion graphics to demonstrate the versatility and benefits of the products. With a script written by BEING, the voiceover was recorded in both New Zealand and American accents and two versions of the video were produced to appear on the US and global websites. The product video was received well at an industry expo in the US, where it was instrumental in introducing AHPs to the American market.

Marketing Strategy

Following development of the website, a marketing workshop with key Equiptec stakeholders helped The Being Group better understand its objectives in the American and Australian markets, its aspirations to become a world-wide distributor, and its desire to establish a reputation as an industry-leading pioneer of AHPs.

Using this information, we developed a marketing strategy and 12-month communications plan to help Equiptec achieve these objectives.

The full-funnel marketing strategy identified Equiptec’s primary and secondary audiences and recommended a phased campaign — which included awareness, education, conversion, and retention and advocacy. The 12-month communications plan detailed monthly activity, by channel, with pillars, key messaging and calls to action, carefully aligned with the strategy to ensure its effectiveness.

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