As the world’s thinnest touch screen monitor, espresso offers you more, anywhere.

Every aspect of the adjustable display is designed with the end user in mind, making operating on the go super easy.

Initially founded by friends who just wanted to take their workspace with them, espresso had since taken out Gold in the Good Design Awards.

As the next step in increasing sales, the website (and accompanying photography) needed to demonstrate the professionalism and versatility of the products.

In combination with an external CMO, the new website contributed to a 500% increase in sales over three months. Here’s how.


Challenges on the initial site included inconsistent messaging, design and content structures, difficult navigation and a clunky shopping experience. Core products were also not featured prominently on the home page, making it difficult to locate espresso’s major offering.

With a sales objective in mind, the website redesign focuses on E-commerce functionality to provide a seamless shopping experience for online customers. After viewing one product, users are exposed to complementary products, which encourage them to consider purchasing the full suite of items.

Backed by strong user foundations, the revised look and feel reflects primary product positioning — sleek, modern and portable.


A communication workshop was conducted with representatives of espresso’s CMO to help develop a clear tagline and values. The final product — More. Anywhere. — allows for easy integration into website copy and other collateral, helping to enforce the value proposition with readers. With espresso, you can do more, move more, enjoy more and achieve more.

During this process, we also developed a brand story to add new depth. Aligning the company name with its products, the story draws parallels between the strength and size of coffee and the strength and size of an espresso display.


Photography showcases the product in a variety of everyday scenarios, including at home, at the office, at the café, on public transport and even by the ocean. Featuring talent in the target espresso demographic — young professionals — images help potential customers envision the possibilities of an espresso display.

The website conveys a consistent look, feel and central message across the content plan, structure, design, copy and photography. Allowing space to showcase unique selling points, the site makes purchasing prominent and simple to do.

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