Fisher People in Culture is a talent-based consultancy with a focus on international and subsidiary businesses.

To encourage the right leaders, teams and talent, we created a brand to express the company’s stand-out specialties in culture optimisation and talent acquisition.

In the Fisher People in Culture philosophy, culture is the critical backbone of any organisation. If good, it enables people to achieve great things. Understanding the importance of a human-centric approach, the company knew it needed brand identity design that was professional, yet playful.

But do opposites attract in brand design?


Inspired by the ‘fish’ in the company title, brand identity design uses geometric shapes, classic typography and negative space to create a clever, contemporary look and feel. The fish icon comprises a rounded square and triangle, neatly stacked with a graceful, friendly wordmark.

Primary typography aims to make a splash with large headlines and titles, reserving structured, classical characters for body copy.

The geometric icon pattern depicts fish emerging from the waves — a cute nod to the idiom plenty of fish in the sea. The main purple has connotations of wisdom, creativity and balance, combining the best of red (energy and intensity) with blue (trust and stability). Secondary mauve is used sparingly, as a highlight colour in brand elements and patterns.

Arial photos and warm, workplace settings help negate typical stock office cliches. Images can be presented in full colour or washed with a duotone treatment, allowing brand flexibility.

Shapes are highly flexible, offering the ability to be adapted into alternative icons, like people, buildings, homes and awards.


Website design is sophisticated, simple and easy to navigate. Pull quotes, block sections and a mauve duo-tone image treatment draw the eye to key details, while offering space for the user to browse and digest information.


Effective and on-brand, communications further identity recognition through repeat patterns and colours. Clear, structured design incorporates typography and visual language elegantly, while using elements to underline calls to action in a dynamic way.

I have known Kerry for a number of years and love the positive ‘anything is possible’ vibrancy she brings to any assignment. I engaged The Being Group to create the branding for my new business and was delighted not only with the results, but also with the fact that the whole team at BEING reflect the values and qualities of their founder. It was a pleasure to work with BEING and I would highly recommend them to other businesses looking for an agency that truly listens to their customers and enjoys what they do.

Joanne Fisher
CEO and Founder, Fisher People in Culture

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