Dr Catriona Ireland is a geriatrician exploring ways to reduce the risk of dementia.

Working at the University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Centre, Dr Ireland provides specialist care for adults of all ages with concerns about cognitive decline.


With patients coming to her from a few different channels, including private referrals and the university’s research program, and providing home-visit services, Dr Ireland sought a way to simplify and modernise communication of her offering.

The Being Group was tasked with developing unified healthcare branding and an easy-to-navigate website to help her offer a better level of care to more patients.


Uniting Dr Ireland’s methods of practice — private appointments, research program participants, and home visits — under the name inhouse clinics, healthcare branding is versatile and approachable.

Friendly, round motifs evoke a soothing feel and are seen across the brand, starting with the logo and wordmark. This feeling is continued through a calm and natural visual language, symbolising healthy growth and ageing.

Exploring a muted, earthy colour palette, the brand is grounded with a blend of red and green shades.

The brand typeface, Poppins, features friendly, geometric characters and is versatile and easy to read. Arial provides a web-safe alternative wherever Poppins is unavailable.

Leafy, candid imagery is warm and reassuring, focusing on intergenerational family members and the human experience. Additional images showcase enriching, active moments in life, while ensuring early to middle aged patients are represented.

Healthcare branding is sleek and professional when applied across a variety of collateral. Business card, letterhead and email signature designs feature the spectrum of brand colours, with layered use of the logo and brand elements creating visual interest while building name recognition.


Clear and easy to navigate, website design for inhouse clinics is structured and uncluttered, ensuring buttons and calls to action are easy to spot, and text is readable for patients and family members of varying ages. Brand colours and hero imagery add warmth, conveying the message of human-centric care.

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Services and avenues of care are clearly defined and explained, supported by intuitive content organisation and the use of brand elements as visual cues.

With the goal to create a website that is functional and informative for all patients, loved ones and doctors, usability across a range of devices is crucial. Responsive website design ensures content is accessible no matter how it is viewed.

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