Kindred Training is a gym in Sydney’s Waterloo, formerly known as Trination Fitness.

It offers a suite of bespoke training and wellness services, 24-hour access and small-group classes to an inclusive, likeminded community.

Trination Fitness wished to elevate its offering and refresh its brand, to be perceived as niche, premium and unique. This rebrand would allow it to change its fee structure, grow its one-on-one tuition sessions, and differentiate itself from other gym offerings that operate on a “churn and burn” numbers-through-the-door model.

Here’s how we helped position the company as a brand that champions sustainability and holistic wellness.


Following a brand and marketing workshop with Trination Fitness stakeholders to deeply understand the company’s challenges, The Being Group suggested a complete rebrand, website redesign, customer journey map, and a new marketing strategy to support a relaunch.

A 12-month marketing plan was developed to help move the business forward in its aims and tell its story to a new audience. Addressing key markets outlined in the workshop, promotional recommendations and messages were tailored to different online habits and decision-making styles.


Commencing the rebrand with naming, concepts were built around urban nature, strength, and grit and growth. The ultimate name, Kindred Training, was chosen for its ability to capture the inclusivity of a likeminded community. The word training replaces fitness to include people of all levels of physical capacity — making it clear the gym is for everyone. This idea is also reinforced by inclusion of Your Wellness Entourage at the secondary level of brand messaging.


Developed around the idea of an urban jungle, logo design is simple and sophisticated, dividing the Kindred wordmark with a KT icon. This custom-designed monogram is created from ‘impossible’ angles to suggest any transformation is possible. It embodies the brand premise that with the right entourage, you can achieve anything.

The secondary logo makes a bold statement. Its contemporary design draws inspiration from hipster, barbershop culture, without being too overt. The mix of styles carves a new space in the fitness industry, establishing a visual niche for the brand. Architecture allows for a number of logo variations, without losing identity consistency and style.

The bright, tropical colour palette cements the fun, wild side of the brand premise. Radiant yellows and greens offer flexibility and variety across the entire brand identity design. Dynamic images and textural graphic treatments across brand promotions create the impression of being in an urban jungle, supporting the wellness aspect of the brand.


Aligning with the new brand identity, website design is clean and simple to promote user interaction.

Focusing on the brand’s class and training offerings, the site integrates an intuitive booking system that updates the available class timetable in real-time.

The site aims to break down barriers between potential members and the gym through warm, inclusive language, staff features, and prominent member reviews. These softer, more accessible sections are broken up by service categories, promoting Kindred’s benefits, facilities and packages.

Everyone loves the new name and the tagline! How exciting! Thank you for all your hard work.

Sunny Kong
Founder and Director, Kindred Training

SO EXCITED!!!!! This is GREAT! We feel this is in line with our bespoke, unique offering. It also allows us to highlight the personality of our brand.

Nathan James
Club Manager, Kindred Training

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