NeuClone is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company with an exclusive focus on the affordable development of high-quality products.

Modernising the company’s identity to communicate their offering in a more contemporary way, we delivered refined brand solutions.


Though seeking to appeal to investors first and foremost, NeuClone also wanted to demonstrate a commitment to producing products people can actually afford.

How do you make a scientific brand more approachable?


Selecting a sleek, modernist typeface and unpacking NeuClone’s signature swoosh, we progressed the brand identity into a more cellular design.

The typeface Futura evokes a strong sense of form and function, with geometric junctions boasting sophistication.

Progressing and tweaking NeuClone’s original colour palette to ensure recognisability, hexagonal secondary graphic language hints at the technical nature of NeuClone’s offering.

A duotone treatment is applied to varied imagery of staff and ordinary people, highlighting NeuClone’s dedication to developing economical solutions for everyone.

Communications concepts demonstrate a refined, cohesive brand identity across a range of applications.


Custom web design has to translate the complexities of a biopharmaceutical company in an easily digestible way.

WordPress custom web design is restructured for improved access and navigation, enabling potential stakeholders to locate relevant content easily. Maximising use of negative space, light, sophisticated design integrates the outcomes of the rebrand, weaving bespoke graphic language and imagery throughout.

Unpacking technical language through segmented content and features, copy creates a clear distinction between NeuClone’s technology, partners and values. Highlighting key points with simple icons, the website appeals to prospective partners and investors alike.

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