Business consultant Anna Harrison’s Rammp is an online diagnostic tool that allows users to discover pathways to business growth.

The product builds on two decades of specialist consulting, with Harrison eager to establish an approachable and iconic brand to sit within her extensive portfolio.

With the long-term goal to refine her personal brand in mind, Harrison was looking for cohesive versatility in her business branding, and an engaging, approachable and easy-to-use website.

Rammp needed design with room to grow.


The Rammp logo offers a friendly face to the tech world, with a malleable, fluid and softly energetic icon at its heart. The shape is inspired by an always adapting and transforming digital landscape.

The icon and wordmark sit comfortably in isolation, side by side, in a stacked arrangement, or with the accompanying tagline, allowing for versatility across applications and platforms. The logo is aimed at feeling approachable for those less familiar with tools like Rammp.

The colour palette is clean and designed for the modern digital landscape. Vibrant highlight colours, representing creativity, innovation, adaptation and technological improvement, are supported by calming blue-grey hues and bright white.

Rammp’s modern and approachable brand is overall vibrant yet minimal, with a structured yet organic design system that allows for endless versatility.

Website Design

A simple, 2D linework illustration style brings pops of Rammp’s vibrant colour palette into the website design. Faceless characters and organic drawings create a friendly, welcoming first impression, which continues throughout the rest of the website.

The bright, airy and sophisticated layout features ample white space and clear typography, making use of curved, flat colour swatches as a flexible framing device.

Dotted lines connect each section of information, guiding the eye down each page and through to calls to take action and engage with the Rammp product to ramp up their business, growth and revenue.

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