Simone Voss Luxury Fragrances tailors candles, soaps and lotions to a unisex market.

With the requisite to design, write and build an on-brand Ecommerce website for online sales, our collaborative, creative team stepped up to the task.


The main Simone Voss identity – ideated and developed by The Being Group – houses separate lines under its main umbrella. With the potential for varied product ranges in future, site development had to accommodate this architecture.

How do you draw focus to the hero brand?

Developing content detailing the new line, Simone Voss’s brand tone is elegant and evocative. Highlighting the inspiration behind the products, both design and copy stress an emphasis on high quality.

The primary Mr Voss product line is augmented by the shop page, with images displayed on an on-brand black background. Though conveying a strong identity in its own right, its site structure clearly indicates a sub-brand within the Simone Voss Luxury hierarchy.

Generating a number of active leads and multiple pre-orders during the pre-launch stage, website development was successful in driving intrigue and online sales. Products have been featured in a number of Australian publications, receiving high interest from press and stockists, and generating a high volume of orders through the site.

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