Sydney Fibroid Clinic is dedicated to improving the quality of life for women experiencing symptoms of fibroids.

Its primary specialist, Dr Eisen Liang, required a functional website to consolidate multiple sites, accommodate appointment bookings and house extensive technical information.

Operating multiple service websites for one practice, the initial Sydney Fibroid Clinic user journey caused visitor confusion – impacting credibility. Tasked with the amalgamation of content from these active sites, we strategically organised a high volume of information through copy, design and development.

But can three websites successfully be consolidated into one?

Engaging the trademark BEING Connection Strategy Model during a strategic planning workshop, we determined the target markets and website outputs most relevant. Workshop findings then informed our web team’s approach to condensing a high volume of information into one medical website.

Creating a user-friendly experience – with a clear information hierarchy and a simple booking process – was key. Organic search engine optimisation is integrated into the extensive copy rewrite, focusing on high-ranking search terms to assist potential patients in locating symptom relief over specific services.

The website redesign departs from imagery of women in pain, to images that suggest a return to normality – ordinary women, leading ordinary lives. A soft, clean palette draws shades of purple from the logo, improving UX by categorising content with colour. Enhanced design and functionality support the goal of increasing awareness for non-surgical fibroid and adenomyosis treatments, while empowering women to choose the best procedure for themselves.

The Sydney Fibroid Clinic website is strategically written, designed and developed to enhance functionality and user experience. With emphasis on attracting and educating potential patients, the new site is clean, consolidated and credible.

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