What we can do for the climate this World Health Day 2022

Today is World Health Day. The 2022 theme is: Our planet, our health.

This year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) is focusing global attention on the urgent actions needed to keep the planet, and all of us on it, healthy.

The power of one

There’s no doubt our political, social and commercial decisions are driving worldwide climate and health challenges. The WHO’s background information details global health concerns and a new UN climate report urges governments around the world to take urgent action on carbon emissions.

Another way to look at it, take back some power, and protect our health in relation to thinking about climate change, is to see “now or never” as an opportunity rather than a problem. While we can’t control the response on a national level, there are some small things we can do to take positive individual action.

What can we do?

There is a clear path forward.

The WHO has a comprehensive list of recommended actions for governments, businesses, and community leaders to create change and build healthier societies.

For individuals, it’s important to share our stories and raise our voices to demand climate action to protect our health. Collectively, the little things count.

Other simple steps we can take are:

  • Walk or cycle to work one day a week.
  • Choose public transport.
  • Change to a renewable energy supplier.
  • Keep heating and air-con down as much as possible.
  • Turn lights off.
  • Buy fresh food from local producers and avoid highly processed food.
  • Buy less plastic.

BEING for wellbeing

Wherever possible, we work with clients who are making a positive contribution to society. This includes the Department of Social Services, Cleanaway, the NSW Government, Energy NSW, Forestry Corporation of NSW, Sydney Water, Hypersonix, the ATO and Australian Ocean Energy Group, to name just a few. We champion changemakers.

We also promote sustainable and health-oriented workplace initiatives. Because we want to support our team’s physical and mental wellbeing, we’ve introduced “Being Balanced” sessions. Each Thursday we gather upstairs with a professional yoga instructor, who provides chair yoga exercises and delves into mindfulness topics like stress relief, gratitude, rejuvenation and wellness.

Another initiative example is our annual Alvos Day. The day (adapted from Salvos) was originally a surprise for our Relationship Manager and resident op-shop queen Alex’s birthday. The big clothing swap sees the office transformed into our own private op-shop. Everyone brings in clothes and accessories they no longer want or wear, items are hung on racks made from photography equipment, and then we “shop” throughout the day.

We all find some extraordinary sartorial gems and it’s wonderful to see well-loved clothes have a second life with our work friends. When we’re done, anything left over is packaged up and sent to a charity championing sustainability. It’s a lot of fun and gratifying to know we’re making an impact, however small.

Our team has also pulled together some clever individual tips for recycling and sustainability around the home, in the office and out and about — proving there are lots of small ways to make a big difference.

Every positive action becomes part of a larger movement for change.

This is why The Being Group supports days like World Health Day 2022. In the end, it’s out planet, our health and our collective responsibility to protect them.

Let’s all do our bit to make the world a better place for human beings.


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